A Framework for Liberation

Black Women’s Blueprint is a transnational Black feminist organization which celebrates and seizes the opportunities of the African diaspora, all while mourning of the violent conditions that created it. Initially borne of the slave trade and the Middle Passage, and expanded by contemporary crisis on, and migration from, the African continent, the diaspora contains multitudes of individual testimonies which, when united, derive our true power as Black women. Black Women’s Blueprint recognizes that uneven power relationships often exist between and among the many nations from which Black women come. We especially know how cross-border flows of ideologies, capital, politics, and power link Black women in varying ways. These flows define the choices Black women have on how and when to speak truth to power and fight back against what bell hooks calls “neo-colonial white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.” Black women often lead complicated and contradictory lives and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the challenges we face. Our work merges transnational feminisms of the global South with an American Black feminist ethos of intersectionality knowing that, at different turns, each of us may rise and fall with great (un)privilege. In some moments, something about us might give us greater access than our sister. In those same moments, we remember how important it is to be our sister’s keeper - across borders, across difference, across generations.

Black Women’s Blueprint tells the world: Black women are not a monolith, but we are a movement.

The BWB Strategy

Our success and sustainability as a movement depends on four core strategies:

Human Rights Advocacy

We use community development and asset-based community organizing to protect the human rights of all Black women and girls and to ensure lasting social and economic equity. We oppose the ongoing violation of these human rights and all forms of discrimination, including racism, sexism, and heterosexism. We mobilize to demand that all levels of domestic governance, from the federal United States government to governing bodies within every single state, city, and town, uphold international legal obligations set forth by the United Nations.

Transformative Justice

We know that there will be no justice for survivors of sexual violence so long as there is no accountability and no meaningful spaces for survivor leadership. We work tirelessly towards reconciliation by paving alternative pathways for long-term harm-doer and oppressor reflection and redemption that fall outside the oppressive state-sponsored criminal justice and legal systems that daily threaten our very survival.

Critical Participatory Action Research

We believe that Black women are the experts on their own lives. We identify problems in our communities and find innovative solutions to solve them by equipping impacted communities to source and share their own stories. We encourage communities to collect and evaluate their own data and to use this information to synthesize new languages of violence and resistance that can be harnessed to build collective power and shift policy.

Cultural Preservation of Indigenous Knowledges

We center spirituality in all of our work and emphasize traditional and communal ways of being, knowing, healing, learning and loving that sustained our ancestors as they were forced across the Atlantic. We make, perform, practice, move, create, and story-tell in our own past and present image(s) to resist the erasure and ongoing colonization of our cultural practices.

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